Total Stations

We offer a range of highly precise and accurate Leica Total Stations. Each uses the latest distance technology to take advantage of a powerful suite of on-board programs and many sensor and accuracy options.

Automatic Levels

Increase your efficiency at a structural work sites when checking layouts or estimating heights. With the Leica Jogger levels, these jobs are done quickly.

Digital Theodolite

The intuitive user interface paired with the highest quality digital theodolite station perfects any job on site. You perform construction layout tasks fast and easy thanks to the simple.

Garmin Handheld GPS

A handheld GPS unit is great for geocaching, hunting, hiking, camping, or just exploring the world around you. Unlike a car GPS, a handheld unit is designed for exploring more rugged terrain.

Laser Distance Meter

The laser distance measurement sensors of the LDM series measure distances between themselves and any solid surface, without contact. By doing so, accuracies of a few millimeters are achieved.

Leica GPS/GNSS Solutions

Leica Viva GNSS is a complete range of versatile GNSS solutions for you. From completely integrated, to totally modular solutions; Viva GNSS provides a system to master all of your tasks.


The Leica locators make ground surveys a simple and speedy task increasing on site safety. Defaulting to power mode, maximum sensitivity ensures operators are protected against lethal electrical cables.

Surveying Mapping Software

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Leica accessories help you shoot at your best – highly functional with carefully designed ergonomics, you can customize your Leica with a hand-made leather strap, viewfinder, and perhaps a filter or two.


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